Zero-code LDAP synchronization for your apps


Implementing LDAP directory synchronization and user provisioning in your enterprise apps can be costly and time-consuming. With LDAP Connector, it doesn’t have to be. With our intuitive UI, point to the directory you want to sync, specify the sync rules and frequency and where you want the data to be stored. Then just sit back as our solution gets the LDAP synchronization objects and provides them to you in JSON format, ready to be used (other formats available on request)

Key Features

Zero-code Integration

LDAP Connector handles the complex logic of querying and synchronizing an organization’s directory data. You get what you need - the actual users and groups - without fussing about with code implementation or QA and testing. We do all the heavy lifting - you just use the data.

Major LDAP Directories Supported

Our service syncs with all major LDAP directories: Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, ApacheDS as well as cloud based LDAP directories such as Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) and Google Cloud Directory.

Enterprise Reliability

The technology behind LDAP Connector is the same one that powers OpenLM’s Directory Synchronization product. Used by 1000+ corporations worldwide to sync hundreds of thousands of users from enterprise directories, we’ve seen all the edge cases and successfully weathered all bugs when it comes to LDAP Synchronization. Enterprise-grade reliability is assured.

Intuitive UI

LDAP Connector makes retrieving the directory objects easy through an intuitive user-interface. No technical skills required. Just enter your directory settings, configure the sync then let us take care of the rest.

Flexible Sync Rules

You can define the frequency of a sync, as well as create custom rules to further group the objects into custom hierarchies. Want to have a flat hierarchy for all exported users? No problem. Or maybe you want to group entities by attributes? LDAP Connector makes all of this possible.

Full Data Security

All data sent to LDAP Connector servers is encrypted and only stored temporarily while it is being processed. No finalized data is ever stored. OpenLM is SOC2 certified.

Complex Syncs & Multiple Directories

Directories can be notoriously complex, with nested hierarchies and business units containing further nested groups. LDAP Connector can handle them all. You also have the option of syncing two or more different directory types at once, which is especially useful in large companies with inherited directory systems (e.g. both Active Directory and Google Cloud Directory present in one organization).

JSON Ready

The data that LDAP Connector gives you is a simple JSON file which can be consumed by any application or developer implementation with ease. Other file formats available on request.

Use Cases

Anytime you need to provision users or need access to a company’s snapshot of all employees and their respective groups, you need the data from your LDAP directory. Some uses cases for LDAP Connector can be:

Automate User Onboarding:

Mass add users in your organization to your on-prem or SaaS applications.

Access Control:

Synchronize security and access control systems such as turnstiles, security gates and other locked resources.

Payroll and expense tracking:

Get up-to-date data of all employees in your organization when payday comes around.

Your own business related applications:

whatever your particular scenario or business use case may be, if you need access to the data in your company’s directory, LDAP Connector will help you synchronize it.

Complete diagram of LDAP Connector functionality

Ldap Connector Flow

How it Works


Create an account on OpenLM Cloud and choose to test-drive LDAP Connector.


Install Directory Synchronization Agent (DSA) on a machine that can communicate with the LDAP directory on your network.


Configure DSA to point to your OpenLM Cloud instance.


Specify the sync rules and destination system (Amazon SQS or Amazon S3 instance).


Once the sync is triggered, you will receive a JSON file, ready to be used.



Per User/Month

About Us

OpenLM is a Gartner-recognized leading global provider of software license management solutions for engineering software applications, specialty software apps, and SaaS-based apps. Founded in 2007, we have provided licensing management software and other adjacent products and services to over 1000+ enterprise users. With our technical know-how, no project is too small or too complex for us. LDAP Connector is the latest in our solutions meant to help you save costs and optimize resources.
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